IN BEELD. Ook dieren zijn slachtoffer van bosbranden in Californië

IN BEELD. Ook dieren zijn slachtoffer van bosbranden in Californië

Hun huizen en andere bezittingen zijn volledig verwoest. Al worden niet alleen mensen getroffen: ook verschillende dieren zijn het slachtoffer van deze ongenadige vlammen. 

De 'National Fire Protection Association' vraagt inwoners die in de brandende gebieden wonen hun dieren weg te halen. Velen vinden hier echter de tijd niet voor omdat zij zich zo snel uit de voeten moeten maken. Via sociale media worden beelden gedeeld van getroffen viervoeters. Zo hoopt men de huisdieren met hun baasjes te herenigen.


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This is the reality of #californiawildfires #Repost @straycatalliance with @get_repost ??? California is devastated. Wildfires are menacing both Northern and Southern sections of the state. In the greater Los Angeles area, emergency crews are fighting strong winds, steep terrain, and fatigue. Our hearts ? go out to all affected by this tragedy. We want to share ways you can help animals: 1. FOSTER/ADOPT - Help the @laanimalservices by fostering or adopting. Shelters are often overwhelmed with cats, and in times of emergency, fostering is even more crucial. Shelters need the space for companion animals found lost and abandoned. If you could foster a cat, like sweet Cola in the photo here at the @friendsofwestvalley, you are allowing the shelter to bring in cats in dire need. 2. SUPPLIES - Be sure to check with local shelters and rescues to see what supplies are MOST needed. 3. DONATE - @laanimalservices need additional funds at this time. The pets entering the shelter will need medical care. Local shelters in Los Angeles most affected by the fires: @friendsofwestvalley, @friendsofeastvalley, and @westla_shelter. For current information on the fires and/or donate to @losangelesfiredepartment. Photo Cred: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images . . #woolseyfire #firefightersrock #hillfire

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As I was getting into Paradise this morning I came across a firefighter who found an injured cat. He was holding tightly onto the cat while animal control arrived. #CampFire @abc7newsbayarea #abc7now

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My heart! ???? . _ If you're in a position to help both domesticated and wild #Animals suffering in these #CaliforniaWildfires, please do. See my previous posts for shelters and sanctuaries accepting animals. At the very least please leave buckets of water out for animals trying to escape the flames. _ There are currently three devastating fires burning through northern and southern #California - the #WoolseyFire, the #CampFire and the #HillFire that this terrified, burned #Rabbit was rescued from. Thank you to those who saved this precious being and my thoughts go out to all of the humans suffering too. Please stay safe ? #BeKindToAnimals #AnimalsLivesMatter _ Caption @a_lallie_ #a_lallie_ Video #Repost @vcanimalservices

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What a sweet & nice kitty!???

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