Canadese vrouw met overgewicht transformeert naar bikinimodel

De 30-jarige Donna Gillie woog acht jaar geleden nog zo’n 104 kilogram. Vandaag is ze een superfit bikinimodel.

Op haar zwaarste moment had Donna problemen met haar gezondheid. Ze kon zelfs niet meer normaal zitten en daarom besloot ze haar leven te veranderen. De Canadese nam een abonnement op de sportschool en begon meer groenten en fruit te eten.

Op twee jaar tijd slaagde ze erin 31 kilo af te vallen. Ze had de smaak te pakken en schreef zich in voor lessen zumba, body pump en steps. Daardoor vlogen de kilo’s eraf. In totaal verloor ze 52 kilogram. Nu pronkt ze maar al te graag met haar killer bikinibody.

💖 Transformation Tuesday 💖 I look at photos 📸 of myself sometimes to stay motivated 😄. I hope never to go back to 230lbs but right now I'm also not 130lbs like the right photo. 💪 I've learned not to live my life by the number on the scale ⚖ because life is about balance. I'm definitely still very active and plan to stay that way – diet will always be my struggle 🍝🍦🍌🍟 but even that is getting better over time. ✔️stay motivated ✔️stay positive ✔️stay inspired #chiefinspirationalofficer #transformationtuesday #leanaestheticslifestyle #leanaesthetics #bodybuilding #motivation #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgirls #fitnessgoals #iloveblue #weightloss #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney

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😄Transformation Tuesday✔️ The left picture was taken in 2008 when my friend Deanna came home for a visit from out west. It was 4 years after high school ✍graduation and ✌ 2 years after college graduation. I was roughly 230lbs and not feeling the greatest about myself 😓. Shortly after this I got a gym membership at the Dartmouth Sportsplex and started working out again. I had managed to loose about 30lbs a few years before this, but ended up gaining it back – I knew the 2nd time around I was going to do better 😊. 💨 Fast forward to the right photo taken by Wayne Forrest last year after my 2nd time competing and I reached an amazing goal. No – I didn't win any 💰 prizes, trophies 🏆 or placement 🏅 at the show, but I had so much pride in my accomplishment of feeling good about myself and how 🏋 hard I worked to get there. I was down ⬇️115lbs total! I'm excited to compete again in the future 👙. To all you 💁ladies and gents 🚶 who are prepping for your shows now – keep pushing, it's totally worth it. Take all the selfies 😉 and progress pictures you can 📸 – because you all look fantastic. 📩 Visit if you are interested in a body transformation program or for contest prep details. #chiefinspirationalofficer #leanaesthetics #leanaestheticslifestyle #transformationtuesday #weightlossjourney #weightloss #weightlifting #bikiniprep #contestprep #wayneforrestphotography

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💖Transformation Tuesday💖 👀 The left photo 📸 was taken 2010 I was 23 years old and approximately 230lbs – my heaviest. I wasn't completely unhappy but I always knew I could look and feel better – I just needed to learn how. I knew when I started my journey it would take ⌛️ time and many changes to my diet 🍽 and activity level. Fast forward to 2016 on the right at 115lbs – I can't express how much more alive 😄 I feel everyday because I decided to change ❤️🌟. It didn't happen overnight 🌙 but I've slowly made progress every year since I started 😊. Thanks again to Wayne A Forrest for the lovely fitness photo 📸🏋 and Vicki Martin for the beautiful makeup💄. @iammatthewfox @iamprincessfox @macdonmd are all amazing coaches for not only contest prep but also body transformations! 💯✔️ #chiefinspirationalofficer #leanaesthetics_lifestyle #transformationtuesday #onlinecoaching #bodytransformation #wayneaforrestphotography #vickimartinmakeup

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Foto: Instagram / @lifeifdonnag