Meghan Trainor’s warning to future boyfriend

Meghan Trainor's warning to future boyfriend
Meghan Trainor's warning to future boyfriend

Meghan Trainor wouldn’t tolerate her boyfriend flirting with other girls.
The ‘Lips Are Movin’ singer – who is currently single – insists she would never allow a man to treat her badly and disrespect her by chatting up other girls.
Asked if she thought it would be being too sensitive to get annoyed at a boyfriend flirting with other girls, she said: "No way! I’m not down with him flirting with other girls!"
The 21-year-old beauty wouldn’t stand for it if a partner made fun of her to look good in front of his pals either, insisting she’d "call him out" on his behaviour.
She explained: "No, that’s not cool at all. I would totally call him out on it, like, ‘What’s going on?"
Meghan – who admits she "almost" had her "heart broken" when a past boyfriend split up with her because she travelled too much – has offered her advice at getting over a bad break up.
She shared: "Hang out with your friends – don’t stay at home where you will just think about it and start crying all over again.
"Talk to your mom or someone in your family and they’ll convince you you’re way too good for that person anyway!"
The blonde star also claimed she finds writing songs helps her to move on, adding: "Write a song to keep you busy, then get rich and famous off it – you’ll feel much better."