Antonio Banderas’ phone ban

Antonio Banderas' phone ban
Antonio Banderas' phone ban

Antonio Banderas bans friends and family from bringing mobile phones to his dinner parties.
The 54-year-old actor only purchased his first mobile three years ago but prefers not to take it out and about, and he particularly cannot stand it when people are texting or surfing the web on their gadgets during meal times.
He said: "I forbid people to come to my house to have dinner with their phones.
"You can have six people and it may happen at some point that six of them are tapping at the same point.
"I’m like, ‘Hello guys, I’m here, this is crazy!
"I only bought my first cellphone three years ago. I didn’t even bring it today. I left it at the house.
"The fast pace of life produces a certain fear in me."
The ‘Puss in Boots’ star also despises it when people use a selfie stick – an extendable metal device on which a smartphone or camera is placed that enables people to take a photograph of themselves beyond their arm range – insisting the monopods are "dangerous".
When asked what scares him about technology, he told Metro newspaper: "The selfie stick. That was the item in Spain last Christmas.
"Look how dangerous and ego-trippy that is!
"We don’t know what are going to be the secondary effects of the technological festival we’re living our days in."