VIDEO. Amerikaan van 62 jaar verbreekt straf wereldrecord

VIDEO. Amerikaan van 62 jaar verbreekt straf wereldrecord

George Hood, een 62-jarige gepensioneerde Amerikaan, heeft sinds 15 februari het wereldrecord planking op zijn naam staan. Hij steunde toen 8 uur 15 minuten en 15 seconden op zijn ellebogen. In 2013 haalde hij al eens het record door 3 uur en 7 minuten als een plank te staan, maar in 2016 verloor hij het record in een duel met Mao Weidong. Toen hield de Chinees 8 uur stand.

Ander wereldrecord

George wou het record verbreken om te laten zien hoe trainen je mentale gezondheid kan verbeteren. Tijdens de oefening luisterde hij naar mensen met een verhaal. Ook kwam een jeugdorkest langs om de oude man te steunen en tussenin had hij tijd voor foto's. George is ook de beste in planking in een tijdspanne van 24 uur. Zo wist hij op één dag iets meer dan 18 uur stand te houden.


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On DEC 7, 2019, I successfully completed my 3rd Long Plank (LP#3), of 6 that are scheduled, at 515 Fitness in Plainfield, with a time of 7:31:00, precisely 30 minutes short of the well dated GWR of 8:01:00. The effort resulted in 1,707 calories burned, of which 45% were "fat calories". My AHR/MHR were 82/104 bpm respectively and again validates the "plank" pose as a total body and weight loss exercise or to tone and condition those muscle groups associated with the pose. LP#3 was done in preparation for an official WR attempt in FEB 2020 to reclaim the GWR for "Longest Male Plank". The FEB 2020 event will benefit the Braidwood Coalition and raise funds and awareness for Mental Health services and fitness initiatives in our communities. Please consider donating in support of my mission at the link shown, LP#3 was significantly better both cognitively and physiologically than LP#2 on many fronts. Significant takeaways from LP#3 will be applied to subsequent training to optimize performance going forward. I'm once again grateful for a committed crew at my side who's performance validated my trade concept of "In Close Cognitive Support" (ICCS), which I'm disclosing now has been a discreet work in progress since the 2015 WR event. The crew for LP#3 was good with me. As they do in their work as clinicians, they know #NowMattersNow and they never wavered in their support of me as we chased the clock to goal. I'm grateful for their unselfish support. And to those folks on many continents, "Thank You" for your messages of support and embracing the "Exodus of Energy" that is exchanged at my platform with a crew that cares. My mindset going forward rests in a "Minds Eye" that I've created by virtue of experiences and people I've come to know for so many years up to present day. Could I have gone longer, yes, but my discipline ended LP#3 at the appropriate time to facilitate my recovery in prep for LP#4 on DEC 21st. Thanks again to the many who made LP#3 possible. Your gifted talents were well received. Training continues! @515Fitnessinc @renae.cobley #plank #georgehood #longestplank #worldrecords #longestplank

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