Mensen delen goede ervaringen met celebs

Mensen delen goede ervaringen met celebs

De verhalen van seksueel misbruik zetten Hollywood en zijn fans op hun kop. Die laatsten proberen nu het tij te keren door een oproep om de goede ervaringen met sterren te delen.

De artiest Oliver Leach riep via Twitter mensen op om positieve ontmoetingen met celebs te delen. Leach vertelde daarna aan The Huffington Post dat hij blij is dat bepaalde beroemdheden eindelijk beschuldigd worden, maar dat men niet mag vergeten dat er ook goede dingen gebeuren. De verhalen zijn even hartverwarmend als grappig.

if anyone has any nice allegations against a celebrity that would be great too. does a famous actor give good christmas presents. does lady comedian alwyays smoke people out

— BAKOON (@BAKKOOONN) November 9, 2017

Salma Hayek danced with my little sister at a party once, as did Shannon Doherty, and Spice Girl Mel C played Connect 4 with her. Lucy Liu was so incredibly kind and lovely when we worked together when I was nine that she became one of my first big crushes.

— Mara “Get Rid of the Nazis” Wilson (@MaraWilson) November 10, 2017

also when I was an intern at Conan (also a great guy!!), Tom Hanks bought all 50+ interns In-N-Out because he thought we looked hungry

— Rachel Paige (@rachmeetsworld) November 10, 2017

my friend was at the mall in the late 90s crying after a fight with her sister and out of nowhere Tyra Banks came and comforted her

— sorry im (still) like this (@hunktears) November 9, 2017

Tyra and her friends told her to never let a guy treat her so bad that she cries and she was too surprised and overwhelmed to correct them

— sorry im (still) like this (@hunktears) November 9, 2017

Denzel Washington helped me down some steps at a play when I was on crutches & Annie Clark (St. Vincent) is super cool. Like fun and funny and warm.

— Ashley C. Ford (@iSmashFizzle) November 10, 2017

I ran into Emma Stone, Kal Penn and Darren Criss at this VIP party. Emma thought my dog was cute. Kal & Darren were really sweet and Kal said he wish he was a journalist.

— sarah amy harvard ? (@amyharvard_) November 10, 2017

robin williams was the nicest, most compassionate celebrity I ever had the pleasure of knowing in person. personally saw him threaten to beat the hell out of some rando harassing a homeless person in the ocean district six or so years ago

— Dimsdale! (@caylenb) November 9, 2017

Spying me in a near-empty bar, Nicole Kidman engaged me in conversation for a good half hour, never once bringing up celebrity - instead just talking about life, asking me about myself, and being generally wonderful for no reason other than being wonderful.

— Ted Geoghegan (@tedgeoghegan) November 10, 2017

Met @JohnWesleyShipp at a con a couple years ago. After mentioning my mom's decades long crush on him he suggested we call her. They spoke for nearly 10 minutes and she still talks about it to this day. He's one of the kindest men I've ever met.

— Tacos Are Tasty (@JessicaSiler) November 10, 2017

Woody Harrelson once came into the board game cafe I was working at and asked politely if anybody would play board games with him, then smoked up the whole table he was playing Balderdash with.

— Leaf-Peeping MGK (@mightygodking) November 10, 2017

Kenny G would always tip $100 whenever I came to his house to fix whatever

— Egadsden? (@itspronounced48) November 10, 2017

I was crying quietly to myself after my Mom died in a cafe, Robin Williams noticed me and paid my check. He whispered things usually get better.

— catherine (@pantone7605) November 11, 2017

I know a guy who just answered phones for Keanu Reeves' manager years ago and Reeves gave him a home theater system for Christmas.

— Brian Stack (@BrianStack153) November 10, 2017