IN BEELD. Regen verandert woestijn in prachtig klaprozentapijt

IN BEELD. Bloemenzee in Californië
AFP / M. Tama

Bij een woestijn denk je niet meteen aan een bloemenzee. In de woestijn in Californië is dat nochtans een jaarlijks tafereel. Door de hevige regenval van de afgelopen maanden is de bloemenpracht nog indrukwekkender en dat levert mooie beelden op.

Een van de vele staatsparken van de Verenigde Staten, Anza-Borrego, ligt in de woestijn van Californië. Tijdens het grootste deel van het jaar vormt het een dor landschap, maar in het voorjaar kan je er genieten van miljoenen klaprozen. De afgelopen maanden heeft het bovendien zo hard geregend, dat de bloemenzee nog prachtiger is dan normaal.


Onder de hashtag #SuperBloom delen mensen spontaan hun foto’s van de klaproosvelden. Meer dan 100.000 foto’s werden al geplaatst. Vooral influencers zijn blij met de natuurpracht en maken dan ook volop gebruik van de super bloom. Het stadje Borrego Springs ligt net naast het park en telt normaal 3.000 inwoners, maar tijdens het spektakel verwelkomt het zo’n 200.000 bezoekers. Natuurliefhebbers zijn minder blij, want de toeristen lopen ongegeneerd door de bloemen heen.

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Butterfly migration is in full bloom. 🦋

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I think that nature is meant to be thought provoking. I think that the messages are all written on the wall as clear as day. I believe that our interpretation of those messages are as unique as we are individuals and that we each take our own wisdoms from our story of life… Such is the message of nature showing us her colors and the glory of creation, might we be in awe of her presence ~——————————————————————————— #marlonholdenfineart #wilderness_culture #awesomeearth #landscapephotographer #fineartphotography #usinterior #californiapoppies #superbloom——————————————————————————— Camera Settings: f18 | ISO: 200 | Shutter: 1/320———————————————————————————

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Surround yourself with people who allow you to blossom 🌸 I recently mentioned to you that I put together a list of 100 life goals to do in the next 5 years and seeing the super bloom in southern California was one of my goals! My soul is happy 😊 You guys really liked some of the goals I shared, so I'm working on putting it on a blog page so you all can get inspired and make your own 🙂 What are some of your life goals for the next few years? 📷: @munopia . DISCLAIMER: no flowers were hurt in the making of this picture. I'm standing in a small trail that you can't see because of @munopia's great photography and framing skills. Check my stories to see the behind the scenes!

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Still trying to process the magnitude of the flower bloom that @jess.wandering and I walked thru today. I’ll never forget seeing the neon orange hills from miles away on the drive in. We looked at each other and wondered what it was. It seemed like a fiery red alpenglow that we’d only seen in the alpine… but soon realized it was all flowers. A sea of orange rolling hills. . . . For those of you wondering: the orange flower here is the Golden Poppy which is also the official state flower of California. This intense of bloom doesn’t happen very often, only when it rains a lot. If you’re planning on going, know that it’s extremely crowded, and factor in more travel time, cause parking is insane. Please be respectful and don’t trample the flowers that everyone who has traveled lengths to see. Stay on the beaten paths – which these photos were all taken from. ✌️🌼✌️

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“I’ve always preferred wildflowers” 🌻 #superbloom

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Sunny Days…3.14 “Southern California may be known for its hot and dry landscapes but the normally arid region is currently awash in bright yellow, pink, and purple blooms, thanks to the state's unusually plentiful showers this past winter. This is commonly known as a "super bloom", a rare phenomenon in which an area's number of wildflowers exceed typical spring blooms—in this case, millions of tiny blooms popping up in typically barren deserts and canyons. In order for a super bloom to occur, there must be a perfect combination of rain and favorable temperatures (plus an absence of damaging winds), hence the rarity of the phenomenon. We usually only get to see a super bloom in California about once every decade, but this year's bloom is only a couple years behind the second most recent occurrence in 2017. Two super blooms in two years? We're here for it….” Condé Nast Traveller . . . . . . . 🇺🇸 #lakeelsinore #riverside #sandiego #superbloom2019 #superbloom #global_exposures #relaxyoureincali #igpodium #ig_exquisite #visitcalifornia #abc7eyewitness #earthpotraits #sharesocal #discoverla #nbcla #california #ktla #earth_shotz #phototag_it #nature_greece #socal #unlimitedcalifornia #drone #dronephotography

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